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WONDER BALM – Champagne Muti Purpose Balm


This multi purpose beauty balm can be used all over your body and yes, even on your  lips.  It’s super hydrating properties help heal dry skin anywhere on your body! Use it for your hands cuticles, elbows and anywhere you feel your beautiful body needs hydration. We created this balm because our customers were using our little lip balm jars all over their body and they asked us for a large size balm.  You asked and we heard you!  Don’t go another day without feeling the soothing benefits of our intense champagne body balm.  It’s truly wonderful. 100ML jar.


Now you can customize your favourite lip balm.  Express yourself with a personal lip balm.  These make great gifts too.  They are great party favours (weddings, showers etc), and make the perfect birthday, graduation and milestone gift and keepsake.  Once you are done, we can also refill them for you.
PRICE = $6.00

3 Natural Champagne lip Scrubs


This natural champagne lip scrub smells delicious and it will give your lips a beautiful smooth finish. It can also be used on your face. It will not only leave your lips and skin naturally smooth but it won’t dry out your lips as the natural champagne oil will provide a super rich hydration.

Natural Champagne Extract, Iron Oxide, Sugar and made with lots of love.


Sexy Man


From the moment you purchased your first Champagne Lips Lip Balm, it went directly on his lips and one went into his pocket. He loves it on himself, just as much as he loves it on you. Because we don’t want him walking around with our Glam lip balm, he can now have one for himself. Get yourself huge brownie points by gifting him with this Sexy Man Lip Balm. Show him how special he is and let him know you are not the only “sexy thang” in this duo.


Natural Pink Champagne Body Scrub


Natural Pink Champagne Body Scrub

Take some pink champagne with you in the shower! This natural sugar scrub smells delicious (yes same smell as our famous lip balm) and exfoliates your skin without feeling scratchy, because unlike many scrubs that are thick and chunky (and feel like your skin is scratching), this pink champagne scrub is smooth and fine. Use on your feet, body, face and lips. Celebrate you each time you step in the shower!

Natural sugar, organic champagne extract

120 grams


Lip Scrub


Natural Champagne Lip Scrub

This sugar based natural lip scrub will exfoliate your lips without drying them out, so you can use it twice a day if you wanted to.  Activate with water, and it will leave your lips feeling super smooth. Apply your lip balm afterwards, for soft, sexy kissable lips.


Classic Champagne Trio


Safe For Your Lips

Yummy and delicious flavour and smell.

Water repellant. Eat, drink, kiss and it stays on.