Classic Champagne Trio

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Safe For Your Lips

Yummy and delicious flavour and smell.

Water repellant. Eat, drink, kiss and it stays on.


What’s the Story behind this Fab product?  
It’s an organic and natural lip balm (ointment) that is a game changer.  It softens, hydrates and repairs dry, cracked and chapped lips and with continued use, your lips will be forever changed.  It’s a lip balm that acts like a gloss.  This lip balm was born of necessity.  It was created by Pina herself, because she was tired of spending money on lip balms that never worked and ended up in the garbage (sound familiar)?  It was such a miracle cure for her dry Canadian lips, she decided to share her life changing formula with the world.  Pina’s glam added touch and stylish aesthetic is an essential component of all her products.  This lip balm is made with only 3 ingredients.
What makes it so Fab and a Must Have in Your Life?
Every single customer who has purchased this lip balm has become addicted to it because it works!  Anyone was has experienced dry, chapped lips needs to have this lip balm because it repairs, smooths, heals and adds volume while giving you a sexy pout. The hydration lasts long after the lip balm is gone because it locks in moisture. It’s water repellant and its long lasting and nourishing properties and luxurious texture puts this product in a league of its own.  The natural champagne extract gives this lip balm a classy, elegant and very delicious flavour and sophisticated taste and smell.  This lip balm will change your life and your lips.
How to Use this Fab Product
Apply “But First Champagne (Base)” before applying any other lip tints or any other lipstick brand.  Use alone, with lip liner, underneath or over your favourite lip tint or lip stick.  French kiss your lover with champagne lips because life is short and kisses are sweet!
Use this lip balm to tame your eye brows.
Use this lip balm to highlight your cheeks with your favourite bronzer or highlighter.
Use this lip balm to tame any dry flyaway hairs or to straighten your baby hairs or any dry hair ends.
Use this lip balm to often and smooth dry cuticles.
Dry Skin:
Use this lip balm to smooth out any dry skin areas such as elbows or any other sry skin patches.
Pharma grade lanolin, organic collagen, natural flavour


  1. Caroline

    BY far this is the best lip balm ever. It is the only lip bam that works. It is not sticky and it’s smooth like butter. I have become addicted and I am buying this lip balm again and again and again!!

  2. Delilah

    No question that this is the best lip balm for dry chapped and cracked lips. This lip balm saved my lips and I am a customer for life!

  3. Cynthia

    This is the best lip balm on the market. Forget the rest. This lip balm is number 1 and I have never tried a better lip balm. Compared to other brands this is a cheap price.

  4. Mary

    I love this lip balm. I use it on my lips and my elbows and cuticles. It’s a miracle and it’s magic. This is the best lip balm ever. Unlike Burt’s Bees, this one lasts loooong.

  5. Serena

    You can’t find anything better. I am in awe of this product. ackaging is cur5e and it’s all natural and organic. Best organic and natural lip balm ever. Will be buying again.

  6. Beatrice

    This natural and organic lip balm is heaven ladies!! It’s a MUST HAVE !! I have been using this since last summer and it is great in summer as well as winter. This is truly the best lip balm ever and I would say it’s very cheap compared to Sephora lip balms that don’t even work.

  7. Nadia

    This is the best lip balm period. My search for the best lip balm has eded right here. It’s also cheap, not expensive and it’s hydrating and not sticky and luxurious.

  8. Bonnie

    Canadian weather deserves Canadian products. The ‘classic champagne trio’ knows Canadian winter weather lips. I’ve been using Glam by Pina classic product since the beginning of time. It soothes, moisturizes and comforts your lips like no other balm. And I’ve tried tons of products-especially working in the industry. Also when applying it at bedtime, it acts like a rejuvenator- you wake up with moisturized kissable plump lips! Try it just once- I promise it will blow your socks off and change your lip routine.

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