The Health Benefits of Wearing Lip Balm

Did you know that there are health benefits to wearing lip balm? We know it’s everyone’s favourite product to carry in their makeup bag, purse and keep beside your bed, and everywhere in your house. We all have at least 3 lip balms sitting around as we speak.

Besides the fact that we can’t live without our lip balm, we now know that this is a good thing! Here’s why.

LIP BALM PREVENTS AGING: The skin around your lips is so fragile and delicate and therefore very prone to premature aging. Combat aging by ensuring that your lips are properly hydrated with a quality lip balm.

LIP BALM PROTECTS YOU FROM EXTERNAL FACTORS: Weather, wind, harsh climate, indoor heating and even body dehydration will give you dry. cracked and chapped lips. The only way to get through a Canadian winter, as we all know, is hydrated, hydrate, hydrate!

LIP BALM GIVES YOU NATURAL VOLUME: The natural way to plum your lips and give them volume is to add a quality lip balm that gives you natural hydration. Hydrated lips will always add volume naturally.

LIP BALM MAKES YOUR LIPSTICK LAST LONGER: Lipsticks have a tendency to dry out your lips, especially those pigmented lip lacquers. Wearing lip balm makes your lipstick last longer. Wear it either underneath or over your lipstick for a long lasting look.

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