The Health Benefits of Wearing Lip Balm

Did you know that there are health benefits to wearing lip balm? We know it’s everyone’s favourite product to carry in their makeup bag, purse and keep beside your bed, and everywhere in your house. We all have at least 3 lip balms sitting around as we speak. Besides the fact that we can’t live …

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COVID and Your Lips

We all know that maintaining a healthy immune system is key, especially in the climate of COVID these days. It’s important to keep your lips as healthy as the rest of your body. Unhealthy lips are dry, cracked and chapped lips which, if not properly cared for attract germs, viruses and bacteria floating around. A …

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Why Best Lip Balms Plump Your Lips

Have you ever noticed how your lips look naturally full and plump when they are moisturized and hydrated? It’s like a new vs an old piece of fruit. The new apple looks plump and fresh and as it gets older the apple gets dry and smaller. Anything that dries is naturally skrinking. So when your …

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Tinted Lip Balm

Who needs eye candy when you can have lip candy!  Our famous organic champagne lip balm is available in this adorable and fun candy tube.  It’s a fun way to carry your favourite lip balm. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this.  Makes a perfect treat for you and also makes for the sweetest gift! …

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