Why Best Lip Balms Plump Your Lips

Have you ever noticed how your lips look naturally full and plump when they are moisturized and hydrated? It’s like a new vs an old piece of fruit. The new apple looks plump and fresh and as it gets older the apple gets dry and smaller. Anything that dries is naturally skrinking. So when your lips are nice and hydrated, by using the best lip balm, you will notice that without any effort, your lips naturally appear larger. If you play with colours a little, and add some lip liner and lip balm, you will notice that your lips will look even fuller. It all starts with lips that are hydrated and this is one of the best benefits of applying a high performing lip balm that actually works. Be aware of wearing a lip balm that you will need to keep applying over and over. A lip balm containing beewax, coconut oil or shea butter will not get absorbed into your skin so be sure to use one such as Glam by Pina’s Naturally Fabulous champagne flavoured, all natural and organic lip balm. Your lips will be on cloud nine.

Stay Fab

Love, Pina xoxoxo

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November 25, 2020
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