What is the Best Lip Balm in Canada

What is the best lip balm for dry chapped lips? Canada has harsh winters and as a Canadian, I know a thing or two about lips. Dry chapped and cracked lips is something all Canadians complain about. The best lips balms are the ones that contain lanolin and not bees wax. Bees wax and other similar ingredients (such as coconut oil or shea butter) don’t penetrate the skin and just create a barrier, providing you with zero relief and benefit.

That’s why you need a lip balm that contains healing ingredients and which do more than just sit on your lips. Your lips needs penetrating moisture and that’s what Glam by Pina’s Naturally Fabulous champagne lip balm does for your lips. Don’t give yourself another reason to complain this winter. Take good care of your lips.

Tinted Lip Balm

October 3, 2020
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